BioRealty is a real estate investment, development and services firm dedicated exclusively to serving science and technology clients in both the private and public sectors.



BioRealty’s mission is to be the premier provider of facility and capital solutions to clients that operate in the science and technology industries.


BioRealty is a real estate investment, development and services firm dedicated to the science and technology sectors. BRI recognizes that its clients require large and complex facilities, have unmet capital needs, and can benefit from customized, low-cost leasing and ownership arrangements. BRI’s goal is to provide facility and capital solutions that are “best in class” in addressing these client needs.

The BioRealty team consists of numerous professionals who possess extensive expertise in the acquisition, development, and financing disciplines specific to science and technology projects.

Our founders spent decades working for some of the largest and most respected institutional real estate investment and development firms in the country. During that time we acquired significant expertise developing a variety of complex science and technology real estate projects. We also came away with extensive institutional capital relationships as well as the knowledge of its occasional shortcomings versus private capital alternatives. Over time we’ve become private investors ourselves, and today we can uniquely offer our science and technology clients customized leasing and ownership arrangements that are only possible by accessing the optimal blend of institutional and private capital. This combined with our low overhead structure allows us to compete with anyone on acquisition and development projects and ultimately provide the best value to our clients.

BRI’s dedicated investment capital for science and technology projects is specifically aimed to address the clients’ unmet capital needs and deliver the most customized, lowest cost occupancy solutions available to the industry today.

BRI’s dedication to its selected industries, capital partners and clients means:

  • Our customers prefer us;
  • Our competitors respect us;
  • Our institutional and private capital partners are eager to invest with us;
  • Our principals are proud owners of our firm;
  • Our employees are proud to be part of our team; and
  • We benefit the communities in which we operate.

All BioRealty team members follow three core values as a guide to client and capital partner interactions and business decision-making:

1. Ethical conduct & promotion of trust.
2. Superior client service.
3. Professionalism in all that we do.