Why BRI?

Science and Technology Real Estate Specialists
We are not generalists.  Providing solutions for your science and technology real estate needs is all that we do.  Take advantage of this industry expertise.
We are privately held, internally funded and therefore have complete flexibility in the services, financing, and leasing alternatives we can provide to our clients.
Alignment of Interests
We do everything possible to align BioRealty’s compensation structure with the client’s desired outcome.   We go into each engagement with a client advocate/fiduciary mindset.  We have a philosophy that we should do well when you do well – your firm’s goals are achieved.
Best Value
Our unique access to both institutional and private capital and our ability to match the most appropriate capital to each project combined with our low overhead structure allows us to compete with anyone on acquisition and development projects and ultimately provide the best value to our clients.


Turn-key, Design-Finance-Build Solution

BioRealty offers a turn-key, design-finance-build solution, which:

• Allows you to leverage off of our development experience and expertise.

• Significantly reduces your time requirements to manage a complex development project, and

• Provides a financing and facility solution tailored to your unique needs.

Transparency (Open Book Development)

Commercial real estate development transactions are known for their opaqueness. With BioRealty that is not the case. When we develop a project for you we offer complete transparency – all project costs and fees are fully disclosed. We also inform you fully of any and all risks that exist in terms of project costs, schedule, lease rate, etc. We will even provide you the right questions to ask in order to assist you in evaluating your development and facility financing alternatives.

Guaranteed Price and Delivery Date

In most instances, BioRealty can guarantee the cost and delivery date of your development project. Whether you choose to lease or own the ability to off-lay construction cost, completion, and schedule risks onto a 3rd party can be of significant value. Under our “risk free development” offering BRI will:

  1. own the project during construction.
  2. accept all cost, schedule, and completion risk.
  3. At completion BRI will either continue to own the project and lease it to the client or provide the client a fixed price to purchase the project.

Why BioRealty for your P3 (Public-Private-Partnership)?

We are a P3 partner that provides a comprehensive, turnkey, Design – Build – Finance – Operate – Maintain
(“DBFOM”) real estate solution for Universities and other public sector clients that is accomplished using an
“Open Book” approach with complete transparency and with the following benefits:


Due to being privately held and our unique access to both private and institutional capital we can customize a lease or ownership arrangement to each P3 client’s particular needs. For example, we have tailored financial solutions that address what you need in each of the following situations:



  • To lease from a P3 partner that can access capital at or near your general obligation bond rate.
  • A P3 partner that can fund up to 100% of the costs of your project.
  • Funding for only a portion of your project.
  • A project completed quickly or before anticipated local/state/federal funding will become available.
  • A P3 partner to fund and own just during construction.
  • To own the project free-and-clear at lease term end.
  • A P3 partner to fund FF&E.
  • Project financing that minimizes the impact to your borrowing capacity.
  • Multiple lease/ownership options and the time to choose your preferred option.
On average we deliver P3 projects at least 30% faster than if a public sector client self-developed. That faster delivery translates into numerous benefits, including earlier use of the project, less time spent managing the financing, design and construction, and reduced cost.
We allow clients to transfer the risks of development to us. We can guarantee a project’s cost and delivery date, accept the risk of ownership, and provide all guarantees required under the loan, construction and other documents. The result is less risk to you – the client.
We reduce the cost of your project in two ways. First, our transaction costs are less because we do not utilize investment bankers and we carefully manage financing related registration costs and reserves. Secondly, we deliver your project faster, which translates into less interest during construction and less escalation in construction costs. For example, on a recently completed $38.5M P3 our faster delivery translated in to over $3M of savings in interest and construction costs alone.